About Us

The History of Instant SNOW TO GO®

*In 2001 Gift Bliss Sales introduced a version of instant snow at the Los Angeles Gift Show. That year, we introduced instant snow polymer at the San Francisco and Seattle Gift Shows. Our discovery of polymer snow was a result of information we learned about it being used at indoor snowboard and ski parks.

*At the time of our initial instant snow introductions, we were not certain where the markets for this snow would develop. It was clear a polymer resembling real snow had a potential market of customers. Our discussions about uses for this kind of artificial snow included holiday displays for retail stores, displays for events and event venues, science and hobby enthusiasts, magic, bundling it with snow-related products, and holiday and floral display enhancement. As retailers began to purchase our polymer snow, and the general public gained greater exposure to polymer snow, a healthy market in snow for personal holiday decorating, souvenir and novelty gifts, and more was developing.

*We believed that the first instant snow we introduced was visually appealing, but we wanted to strive to address markets at a better price point, with a more dynamic effect. We wanted to provide improvements to all aspects of snow realism, to be even more appealing to all target markets for instant snow.

*Concerns about the 2001 polymer were evident to us – so, Gift Bliss moved to find a better snow powder, a polymer snow desirable to more markets. In 2003, we discovered a better polymer snow powder for consumers. It was selling well into the toy, hobby, and educational markets. We worked with the manufacturer to become the provider of this polymer. Distribution of our new instant snow began soon after.  Our branding followed as instant SNOW TO GO under our trade name and registered trademark: SNOW TO GO!®!

*Since 2004 our instant snow resellers have come to know SNOW TO GO as “THE WORLD’S BEST SHOW AND SELL”.

*We take our sales partnership with retailers very seriously. We support them with everyday customer leads. We do not compete with them to sell to retail consumer customers, but instead, we send those customers to local retailers that carry our products. We help our retailer’s marketing efforts, and we are always available to answer questions. In addition, we provide our artificial snow powder to designers, event planners, movie makers, florists, fundraisers, and institutional buyers. Our authorized distributors sell and package SNOW TO GO powder for specialty markets, such as in greeting cards and as souvenirs and to their customer retailers.

*SNOW TO GO powder is known as the best instant snow, the best-selling instant snow, and our instant snow polymer is packaged into the widest variety of instant snow products available.

*Television, press, publicity, and internet videos have featured SNOW TO GO powder. Look for our register Trademark “SNOW TO GO! ® Federal Registration 77-818,331 Gift Bliss Enterprises All Rights Reserved.” Do this to eliminate attempts to confuse you by imitators, impostors, and wannabes who provide inferior brands to our original instant snow.