Instant Snow Products

Browse our selection of instant snow products and find the right match for your next wintertime party. You can find Instant Snow in Stores, and we offer Wholesale Instant Snow pricing as well.

A Full Suite of Products

SNOW TO GO instant snow bestsellers include the Instant Snow Bucket, the Instant Snow Poly Pack, and the Instant Snow Blister Tube.

There’s no mixing. Simply add water to SNOW TO GO® powder, and instantly you’ll make cool, soft, fluffy artificial snow that looks like real snow. You will not believe your eyes, and neither will your friends.

Watch the instant transformation of water and SNOW TO GO® powder into artificial snow that looks and feels like soft, fluffy, real snow. There’s no mixing, just amazement!

Amaze your friends. Start with a quarter of a teaspoon of instant snow powder in your hand, slowly add as much water as a cupped hand can hold and, voilà. Instantly, and with a bit of a tickle, magically, a handful of soft fluffy snow appears.

You will love decorating with SNOW TO GO® products like Fairy’s Frost, or making it at a party and watching the starburst effect from the combination of our snow powder and glitter.