How to Make Instant SNOW TO GO?

It's simple: add one teaspoon of SNOW TO GO powder, or one blue scooper (included with most STG products) full, to two ounces of water (that's 1/4 cup of water).

You can add the powder to the water, or the water to the powder. If you add the powder to the water, it is best to add the powder to the center of the water. We recommend room temperature water for the best immediate result. There is no mixing. Instantly the powder and water combine to make snow.

If you want to make larger quantities of snow increase the measurements equivalently:

  • Add Four Teaspoons of Powder to One Cup of Water (That's Eight Ounces of Water)
  • Add Four Tablespoons of Powder (12 Teaspoons) to Three Cups of Water (That's 24 Ounces of Water)

*Make More Snow:

  • Pour 3/4 cup of powder into one-gallon bowl or bucket of water - make two gallons of snow.

Our Original SNOW TO GO:

  • *Instantly Erupts into Lots of Snow (Less than Three Seconds)
  • *Makes Soft and Fluffy Snow Like Fresh Fallen Snow
  • *In a Couple of Minutes, the Snow to Go Snow Is Cool to the Touch
  • *Has No Odor.

Not all instant snow is the same: Unlike Instant SNOW TO GO - inferior snow powder requires mixing or stirring the powder and water, another imitator fake snow has a grainy or sticky feel after you make it, we do not know of any other instant snow that is cool to the touch. Inferior quality instant snow polymer has a terrible smell.  If you experience any of these factors, you do not have Instant SNOW TO GO!

Instant Snow FAQs

Our powder is a synthetic polymer. It’s the only nontoxic faux snow on the market today that erupts into snow instantly merely by adding water. Similar super-absorbent polymers have been used in the past to absorb moisture in commercial products. However, these products do not have the incredible expanding property of SNOW TO GO.

You may know that snow polymer is so realistic that it is now being used in indoor snowboarding parks throughout the world.

Our instant snow powder is safe to use around children and pets, but adult supervision is always recommended when using this product. Even though the product is tested to be non-toxic (it’s 99% water), keep instant snow away from the eyes and mouth. If ingested, be sure to flush with water. Contact a physician in the event of accidental misuse or concern. Children under four should not be in contact with polymer snow because it is a choking hazard for this age range. Instant snow is very slippery when wet. Keep snow off all walking surfaces and clean up any spill immediately. Do not use it on fine finished wood use a water repellent surface on these surfaces, as water does evaporate from the polymer and therefore, can harm wood finishes.

Yes! The powder looks so real that it is being used by special effects artists in movies to snow outdoor scenes without damaging the plants. Sprinkle the hydrated snow on evergreen trees to produce a realistic snow effect. The water evaporating properties of the snow can be beneficial to plant hydration.

Remember, the product is very slippery when wet. Use special care to keep the snow away from walking areas.

Our product is very easy to clean up and can be disposed of in the trash. With moderate amounts of snow, brush the surface clean or use a vacuum to pick up the snow. With larger amounts of snowmaking, eventually, the hydrated snow will turn back into a dry powder and can be easily swept or vacuumed, or you can increase the saturation of water and add table salt to wash it away. You can even recycle or use SNOW TO GO into clear vases for a significant effect with woody-stemmed or artificial florals. The evaporation of the snow will keep cut flowers such as roses hydrated. Instant snow powder has been tested to be a non-hazardous, non-toxic, environmentally safe polymer.

Yes! Just add a few drops of food coloring to the water before mixing it with the powder. You can make orange snow for Halloween, red snow for Valentine’s Day, green snow for St Patrick’s Day, even red, white and blue, snow on the 4th of July.

Instant snow can be used on almost any surface except untreated wood or fine wood finishes. Keep the snow off any surface which may be damaged by water. Surfaces that are ideal include tile, plastic, and glass. Instant snow will not stain colorfast fabric and will absorb color if the fabric is not colorfast, standard care should be taken when applying this water-based material.

No, the fake snow will not melt since it is not ice. However, water can be released from this super-absorbent polymer by adding salt. The addition of the salt destroys the water-absorbing properties of instant snow powder forever.

Since our instant snow is almost entirely made up of water, and the water is bound to evaporate. The process of evaporation produces a constant cooling effect. Plus, the product is fluffy, like freshly fallen snow. That’s why it’s so much fun to touch.

The snow will dehydrate due to evaporation. Depending on the humidity, this may start rapidly or take a few days or weeks. Just spray the top of the snow with water and fluff the snow with your fingers to give it a fresh, fluffy look. You can also mix drying Instant snow with a wet mix and to increase fluffiness, or you can let the snow completely dry out to use it again. In cool dry storage, the dry form of SNOW TO GO powder will last indefinitely!

SNOW TO GO powder will expand to 100 times its size or more. The amount of artificial snow which the powder will yield is dependent on the temperature of the water being used, the amount of snow made at one mixing, and the climate where you are making your snow. Don’t use hot water. Frigid water tends to make snow more slowly; water, which is a bit warmer than room temperature tends to yield the most snow.  If you make snow in small amounts, approximately two grams of powder to two ounces of water, we expect that you will get the best yield. If you are making a large quantity of snow, we recommend that you make it eight grams to eight ounces of water. You will likely be able to make more snow in a dry climate and less snow in a humid environment. Your snow will need to be re-hydrated more often in a dry climate and less frequently in a humid climate.

One bucket (SNO-525) of Instant SNOW TO GO powder will cover an area 1′ by 5′ and 1 inch deep.  That’s 5 square feet. We estimate this volume of instant snow is almost three gallons of artificial snow.

One Poly Bag (SNO-400) of instant powder will cover an area 1′ by 2′ and one inch deep. That’s two square feet. We estimate this volume of instant snow powder is almost a gallon of artificial snow.

One Tube (SNO-125) of instant powder will cover an area of about one square foot. We estimate that this volume of instant snow powder makes almost a quart of artificial snow.

One Pound Bag (SNO-600) of powder will cover areas 1 inch deep of 1′ by 20′ or 2′ by 10′ or 4′ by 5′.  Our one-pound bag will cover an area over 20 square feet. We estimate that this volume of instant snow powder can make between 8 to 12 Gallons of artificial snow.